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Who We Are


Our Credentials & Certifications:

FanHill Plastic & Electrical Product Factory Limited is a toy and baby product manufacturer with ICTI, CQC, SCAN, FDA, and ISO certifications. Our customers, such as Walt Disney Studios, Walmart, Target, Muji, and Universal Studios, have also qualified us.

Your go-to source for high-quality plastic products

Our Service

We made our customers’ production more consistent, compatible, and efficient by covering a wide range of manufacturing processes in-house and completing their manufacturing requirements in one location. In comparison to outsourcing production operations to several organisations, we also help to save a substantial amount of money.


We offer a wide range of services in-house, including

  1. Mold design and production
  2. Molding using injections
  3. Injection molding
  4. sprinkling
  5. Printing on a pad
  6. Silk screen printing
  7. Heat-transfer printing is number seven
  8. Roto casting is the eighth step.
  9. Sewing and cutting
  10. Assembling and packaging


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    Core members of the company

    Art design Manager
    Development Manager
    Development Manager
    Engineering Manager
    Engineering Manager
    general manager
    General manager
    Production manager
    Production manager
    Quality Manager
    Quality Manager.
    service manager
    service manager

    Our Product List:

    We specialise in producing a variety of plastic items, including:

    • Children’s Toys
    • hollow blow molding products
    • Pet supplies&pet
    • Plastic container
    • Consumer electronics
    • Various lighting
    • plastic products
    • Stuffed toys
    • Intelligent vocal toys
    • Vinyl Toy PVC Figures Plastic Containers

    We are accredited by a number of international organisations and third-party auditing firms.

    • ISO
    • SEDEX
    • ICTI CARE is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives
    • SCAN
    • FDA
    • CQC
    • WALMARt


    The products on this website with the customer’s LOGO and printed patterns are only for demonstration purposes. The company named on the printed product owns the custom designed items, trademarks, and copyrighted printed materials displayed on this website.


    Pet Supplies & Pet
    Hollow blow molding products
    Various lighting
    Stuffed toys
    Dolls and Collectibles

    Initial design and development procedures for our products.

    Please send us your 3D drawing file, together with details like material, colour, functionality, and quality criteria. We would be delighted to sign an NDA.

    For your approval, we will send quotes for prototype creation (if necessary), mould construction, mass production product unit cost, and an expected development schedule.

    After our engineer team has reviewed your ideas, we will discuss the many choices and issues that we have discovered with you. We will offer suggestions based on several factors such as cost and functionality.

    We will give a mould design report for your approval once the design has been confirmed.

    We will conduct mould testing and deliver samples for your inspection when the mould has been constructed. Until the product is ready for mass production, we will explore improvement alternatives with you.

    Our engineering team will create a work flow and transmit it to our production and quality control departments, ensuring that your product is created to your specifications and quality standards.

    After mass production is completed, we may arrange for in-house inspection by our quality control team to meet your quality criteria, or you can send your own personnel to examine in our plant.

    We will arrange shipment and deliver your product safely to your destination once the inspection is completed.

    Interested in working with fan-hill?

    We are COMMITTED to deliver excellent and out class products anywhere in the world.